Posted on Mar 22, 2019

William B. Ferril, M.D.

Do you have Hungry Body Syndrome? Probably you do if you are over age 40. However, the unseen hand is ahead of you and without much of a whimper has successfully groomed most doctors into believing a largely fictional, or at best half-truth story, about numerous middle-age diseases.

20 years ago, I walked away from medicine! No, I wasn’t in trouble. Yes, I graduated with a M.D. degree from a mainstream U.S. medical school and then I completed my postgraduate training in 1986.

You see, I became convinced that my mainstream medical education only taught me part of what science truly knows. Acting on this hunch, I reviewed my medical school textbooks, bought new textbooks, acquired older textbooks, accumulated numerous mainstream scientific papers and studied them all intently for the next five plus years. In order to finance this project, I sold my farm in Western Montana.

I mention these details because I believe almost any medical doctors could connect a few of the scientific dots, as I have, if they were free of practice demands and used this time to study. One of the fascinating discoveries I made, while researching scientific holisms for how your body heals, was the incredibly long list of debilitating diseases that arise only after your cells become hungry. Which of your cell types chronically suffer from hunger determines the part of your body that deteriorates (hunches, crunches, sags, wrinkles and loses its pizzaz).
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